When Things Cast No Shadow. 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art

Le catalogue de la 5e Biennale de Berlin complète l’étendue de la manifestation, conçue par les commissaires Adam Szymczyk et Elena Filipovic en écho à l’histoire récente de la capitale allemande. 


Sous la direction d’Adam Szymczyk et Elena Filipovic
When Things Cast No Shadow. 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art

L’ouvrage publié à l’occasion de la 5e Biennale de Berlin, du 5 avril au 15 juin 2008, est à la fois un catalogue d’exposition richement illustré et un livre-ressource rassemblant des contributions d’artistes de différentes générations et nationalités, à l’image de la programmation de la biennale qui entend représenter la diversité des pratiques artistiques contemporaines.

On y retrouve les contributions d’artistes et de collectifs, parmi lesquels Michel Auder, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Susan Hiller, Cameron Jamie & Keiji Haino, Gabriel Kuri, Babette Mangolte, Ahmet Ögüt, Katerina Šedá, Piotr Uklanski…

Extrait de «When things cast no shadow» par Adam Szymczyk et Elena Filipovic (en anglais)

«Many attempts have been made to explain, often with an air of perfect rational authority, an exhibition before it has actually become one. The heterogeneous selection of texts included here suggests neither a will to explain nor a claim to tell what the exhibition bef ore you is « about ». It off ers in its stead a desire to trace some sources f or the construction of what we have thought of as an open structure in five movements without a plot, the 5th berlin biennial.

We labored on the present publication in parallel or tangentially to the show and, at times, in spite oi it rather than in line with it. The outcome is a book that constitutes a part of the biennial in its own right, one where multiple genealogies of the present could be drawn and argued for, just as we have tried to do in the exhibition itself. Alongside a number of newly commissioned texts, we include here an idiosyncratic assembly of existing poems, works of fiction, critical essays, source materials, and other excerpts. From a vision for a spherical book to condensation problems that serve as a metaphor for the failings of a modern ideal, and from hypochondria as a state of utter human-ness and the precondition for the aesthetic experience par excellence to the tangling of « the thing » in the ethics of everyday life — the texts and images collected in this book form a backdrop for the exhibition itself.»


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