Janus n°22

Abondamment illustrée, la revue belge Janus, fondée notamment par Jan Fabre, aborde les aspects les plus contemporains de la création, et s’intéresse dans ce numéro au phénomène «pushy» (arriviste).


  • @2007
  • 2.
  • \18€
  • E220
  • Zoui
  • 4Anglais / Néerlandais / Italien / Français
  • }225 L - 300 H

Directrice de la publication : Charlotte Bonduel
Janus n°22

Extrait de l’éditorial «Not just for intellectuals» (en anglais)
«In a conversation we had recently with the French philosopher Régis Debray, he confessed tu us that he thought Janus was far too attractive and seductive, by no means could it be a medium for intellectual work. The artistic cover and the amount of images impeded him to write for it. Ironically some months earlier the Belgian curator, Jan Hoet, told us that Janus was a very nice magazine, but that it should invest more on the visual side with a greater focus on the artworks.
We enjoy being somewhere in between these two positions, as we believe that it is the place to be, especially for a young editorial board, moved by the perception that traffic here is dense, and still somewhat underserved.
Our boldness is a datum, that is not necessarily always welcomed, but is also a sincere invitation to play. A playfulness that helps us release the publication from the expectations of presenting discourses that must have an impact on a single specific field of research.»