Janaina Tschäpe

Superbe catalogue qui s’ouvre sur trois petits livrets tous bleus dévoilant les œuvres secrètes, poétiques et aquatiques de Janaina Tschäpe. Agua Viva, recueil de photos en eaux troubles, The Interior of Water, leporello d’où glissent d’énigmatiques créatures submarines, et Dream Matter, séquences oniriques et cauchemardesques.

— Éditeur : Nichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo
— Année : 2004
— Format : 16 x 22 cm (3 livrets contrecollés sur couverture cartonnée)
— Illustrations : nombreuses, en couleurs et en noir et blanc
— Pages : non paginé
— Langues : japonais, anglais, un texte en français
— ISBN : non précisé
— Prix : 40 €

par Janaina Tschäpe

When a painting is finished, its results on the canvas bear the marks of the filtering of a myriad of perceptions and emotions the artist was subject during the work’s execution.

Once the paint dries, however it is impossible for the artist not to melancholically mourn what was left outside the finished work.
My work sprawls from the emotions and feelings that generally inspire painting but do not find their entire formalization in the medium.
The subject is the longing to preserve in any media the fleeting moment when the work is being made when all these emotional inputs are still fresh and operative.
The narrative drawings emphasize the time and order of their execution, the photographs peck at a polymorphous universe of ambiguous characters and embryonic forms.
The unfinished, wet, soft and sometimes raw look of my works transpire from my learning for a work that never ends.
The perpetuation of a performance and the antagonistic placement of its results in history brings to my mind Hans Namuth’s iconographic photograph Of Pollock at work, which according to Allan Kaprow, unified the artist and his work at the moment of its making.
My work sustain a high level of interest for the performance/relic conundrum that has informed most performance art to our days, but it insists in fetishising its relics placing emphasis on their perceptual and narrative qualities rather than on the historical reference to the performance from which they originated.
To give form and narrative to the trance of art making, to portray not a dream world, but the sensation of being in one and to allow the viewer to temporarily embody the mind of the artist when everything is still at play is my main objective through a indiscriminatingly ample repertoire of multi-media and multi-disciplinary attitudes.

(Texte publié avec l’aimable autorisation de la galerie Art : Concept)

Janaina Tschäpe est née en 1973 en Allemagne. Elle vit et travaille à New York.