Antonio Dias. Anywhere is my land

Dias’ work is distinguished by its mumtilayered complexity, a trait commom to the other latin american artists of his generation, but xithout a counterpart in the art production of that time in the United States, for example.


Sônia Salzstein, Hans-Michael Herzog
Antonio Dias. Anywhere is my land

Brazilian artist Antonio Dias embarked in the sixties with ironic multimedia works inspired by Pop Art. With his existential approach, Dias does much more than create exact reproductions of the world of consumer goods by playfully including Eros, sex, and political oppression. During the military dictatorship, Dias left Brazil and moved to Europe, where he developed an oeuvre of Conceptual painting, full of formal elegance, in which he wove together political themes, ideas about the nature of art, and personal impressions. Antonio Dias never makes one-dimensional artistic statements, opting instead to allow his works to remain in a state of enigmatic ambiguity

« Antonio Dias spent a very few years during the mid-1960s concluding a formidably powerful intervention with regard to the Brazilian art scene: his work had been characterized by a nonsensical quality that mixed boldly self-reflexive operations of extreme conceptual rigor with a rudimentary figurative repertory steeped in carnivalization, mockery, and pessimism. » (Sônia Salzstein)